My Running Shoes & Larabar Product Reviews

I promised pictures of my running gear, which really is my shoes because I can wear any workout clothes and run:

These babies are Nike+ Lady Triax 12 & my second pair of ’em!

See those PINK SOLES inside?  Those are my Superfeet inserts!  They work wonders with my feet & I recommend checking them out at your local running store.

All this talk of barefoot running has me quite intrigued!!  I need to read “Born to Run,” which is next on my list after “The Omnivore’s Dillemna” (which I am currently reading)

What shoes do you run in?  Are you a barefoot runner- what made you decide to change from shoes to solely (heh) feet??


I discovered Larabars at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon expo & have been mildly obsessed ever since..

Those ones in the picture are the flavors I currently have in my pantry.  Jealous? 🙂

I haven’t tasted a bar I haven’t liked.  They are made or 3 -5 ingredients and consist of a date base with nuts and dried fruits (sometimes one or two spices) added in for the flavor.

Because I have nothing negative to say about them, I’m going to list them in the order of their tastiness, with ONE being the best!

  1. Peanut Butter & Jelly
  2. Peanut Butter Cookie
  3. Key Lime Pie
  4. Pecan Pie
  5. Lemon Bar
  6. Apple Pie
  7. Cherry Pie
  8. Cinnamon Roll
  9. Cashew Cookie

Those are all the ones that I’ve tasted and while they ALL TASTE AMAZING, some clearly taste better than others.

Alright, I’ve got a Spanish midterm tomorrow and an Archaeology Regional Culture (Cajamarca in the Andes) project due tomorrow morning so I better get to it!!

All this talking of pies from reviewing Larabars has got me thinking about pie— what’s your favorite pie??  My favorite is a tie between Pumpkin and Key Lime… nom nom nom..


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Mmm, I love larabars! And I completely agree that PB&J is the best flavor 🙂

    When it comes to regular pies, I love me some caramel apple walnut. SO good.

  2. 2

    the funny thing is, I’ve never really been a huge fan of PB&J sandwiches.. looks like I might be needing to revisit them!

  3. 3

    Diana said,

    There are so many good pies! I guess my all-time fave would be apple pie. 🙂

  4. 4

    I absolutely love Lara bars! I have tried almost every flavor, and my favorite: PB&J…I also have an addiction to that flavor combination, so this doesn’t surprise me!

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