I Hate Mondays

I think the title of this post captures my mood right now 😉

I had overnight oats & coffee for breakfast and opted to not bore you with MORE overnight oats pictures, but if you’re interested in seeing some click here and here.

I found this little baby on youtube:

Who knew you could make oatmeal in a coffee pot when you’re in a crunch at a hotel?  I might have to try this when I go on vacation next week!  The herbal tea addition also sounds like it would be delicious in the oatmeal.  Have you ever tried this before?  Was it as good as it sounds?

I roasted pumpkin seeds this weekend!

I took:

  • 2 cups raw pepitas
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp sea salt

& roasted them at 200 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes.

I also used these GU gels on my run yesterday in preparation for my half marathon next Sunday:

I technically only used the Espresso Love but brought the Mint Chocolate to taste as well.

The verdict?  Well Espresso Love was great, had an awesome taste, the caffeine really PERKED me up, and left no awful taste or upset tummy.  Mint Chocolate tasted fine as well and although it has no caffeine, I assume since it has the same ingredients as Espresso Love that it works the same.

I also picked up some of these babies at TJ:

I’ve only had dates in Larabar form so I am very excited to try them, stay posted for a date tasting later this week!

& because I have class until 3 and don’t have time for a proper lunch in between, I snack on larabars and fruit in between classes


I’m also interested in trying out some almond butter, are there any recommendations for brands and/or styles?  Raw or roasted?  Salted or unsalted?  I’m lost!

What’s your favorite bar to snack on when you don’t have time for a full lunch? Larabars all the way for me! 

How do you cope with the dreaded Mondays? A strong cup of black coffee (or two) for me 🙂

 Also, check out a chobani giveaway here


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  1. 1

    I always make oatmeal with the coffee pot in hotel rooms. Although, they don’t tend to have the big pots in them anymore, so I just brew some hot water in a mug, put my quick oats (I never do instant) in a separate cup and then just add as much water as I need to make the oatmeal consistency I want. Works every time! I love Barney Butter! So good. Almond butter is not as sweet as a lot of peanut butters. So, be prepared. Also, to get through my Monday…definitely lots of coffee!

  2. 2

    hey girl! YES, my homemade larabar was FANTASTIC. I loved that I could use any kind of jelly I wanted. you could TOTALLY make it. I lovelove Justin’s almond butter, I buy the Honey almond butter, but I’ve heard the maple kind is good as well. Also…Whole Foods brand is always good too. I love me some Bumble Bars too! They’re vegan/gluten free YUMness.

  3. 3

    The coffee pot is genious! I want to try it, even despite the fact that I’m not traveling anytime soon. :mrgreen:

    For almond butter, do you have a Trader Joe’s around? I love their brand of almond butter, and always buy it roasted with sea salt. Love it! 😀

  4. 4

    Oh my goodness you have to try the Maranatha Creamy Roasted Almond Butter!!! It has the most flavor by far of all the brands- such a deep smoky rich flavor. It’s out of this world!
    I agree with you about Larabar love. It’s probably one of the few bars that tastes good and also has a reasonable ingredient list. I love the peanut butter cookie!
    As far as Mondays go, I just try my best to live in the moment. It allows me to not dwell on the fact that I still have the whole week in front of me. Just one day at a time. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but it does help.
    I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

  5. 5

    mondays SUCK – thank god it’s Tuesday 😉

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