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French Press Tutorial


I am a HUGE fan of French Pressed Coffee.  I learned the “art” of it by working as a barista for 6 months at an independant coffee shop and I prefer it, by far, to drip brew. 

French Presses don’t use paper filters and so the oils and flavors that are usually trapped by that paper filter are left, providing a rich, decadent, full flavor. 

French Pressing your coffee is very easy to do once you get the hang of it but can be tricky for beginners if you are trying to figure it out by yourself.

The first thing you need is a French Press, I recommend Bodum French Presses.

You also need: boiled water, coffee beans and a grinder, or coffee beans with a COARSE grind.

For a full pot, you need 9 scoops (use the bodum scoop that comes with the French Press, if you’ve lost it any table spoons will do!) and for a half pot use 4 scoops of coffee beans.

Then, proceed to put them in the grinder and grind them coarse. This is VERY IMPORTANT because if you grind the coffee too fine it will get caught in the fragile filter and break it. Here is a picture of coarse ground coffee:

Then, put your coarse grounds into the french press pot (remove the top of it with the filter)

Pour the boiled water into the pot, halfway for a half pot, up to the top with an inch to spare for a full pot, mix well with a spoon, and set a timer or watch the clock for FOUR MINUTES. A couple minutes over won’t “kill” it but if you wait too long the taste will be bitter. Four – five minutes is adequate.

Once the timer has gone off, simply PLUNGE the filter down with the plunger:

and enjoy a cup of fresh French Pressed coffee!


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